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Accreditation Process - New Practice

A Guide to the Accreditation Process explains the need for facilities to demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario, as well as the procedures with respect to the accreditation of facilities for the College .

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Veterinarians in Ontario must practise from an accredited veterinary facility. All veterinary facilities, including mobile facilities, must meet the College’s accreditation standards. Veterinary facilities are inspected for specific equipment requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; and orderly and sanitary premises.

When you are preparing to open a veterinary facility, you are required to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Submit an Application for a Facility Name

Facility Designations and Terms

The designation or name of a veterinary facility must contain appropriate terms. Facility designations that clearly meet the naming requirements are approved by the Registrar. Applications for facility designations that do not clearly comply with the College’s regulations may be referred to the Accreditation Committee for final decision-making.

Step 2: Prepare for the inspection


Veterinary facilities must meet, or qualify for exemption from the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario. Inspected facilities are granted a Certificate of Accreditation, usually for a five-year period.

Outside of the regular renewal cycle, an inspection is needed for:

  • Change in ownership
  • Relocation
  • Adding/Changes to the facility
  • New practice

For all inspections, inspectors are scheduling three weeks in advance.

Step 3: Submit an Application for Inspection and Accreditation of a Veterinary Facility

Download the Application for Inspection and Accreditation of a Veterinary Facility.

Authority of the Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is a statutory committee of the College with the primary responsibility for deciding upon and directing the issuance of Certificates of Accreditation for those facilities that are referred to it by the Registrar. The Accreditation Committee may not pass a regulation, by-law or standard.

The Accreditation Committee:

  • May exempt an applicant or veterinary facility from compliance with any qualification, requirement or standard for a Certificate of Accreditation
  • Determines the eligibility of applicants and facilities for Certificates of Accreditation that have been referred to the committee and after considering application for issuance or renewal of the Certificate of Accreditation, may direct Registrar:
    • To issue or to renew the Certificate of Accreditation
    • To refuse to issue or to renew the Certificate of Accreditation
    • To issue or to renew the Certificate of Accreditation subject to the conditions and limitations the Accreditation Committee specifies
  • Reviews existing policy and considers new policy items, as directed by Council and makes recommendations for changes or additions to/updates of the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario
  • Has the authority over facility name approvals
  • Shall appoint a time for, give notice of and hold a hearing to determine the allegations in respect of a Certificate of Accreditation
  • Make referral to the Registrar over concerns about potential professional misconduct

Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB):

The HPARB is an independent tribunal established by the provincial government whose function is to review decisions of statutory committees of all the regulated health professions in Ontario.

If the owner/director of the veterinary facility is not satisfied with a decision of the Accreditation Committee, the he/she has 30 days from receipt of the decision to file an appeal with HPARB.

The powers of HPARB regarding certificates of accreditation are as follows:

  • Confirm the proposed decision of the Accreditation Committee;
  • Require the Accreditation Committee to direct the Registrar to issue or renew a certificate of accreditation for the appropriate class of veterinary facility; or
  • Refer the matter back to the Accreditation Committee for further consideration and the Board may make recommendations.

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Aneeta Bharij
Principal, Accreditation