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Information for Licensed Members

Jurisprudence Exam

The College's jurisprudence exam requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines.

2016 Annual Report

The College's 2016 Annual Report "Strengthening Our Foundation" discusses the College's priorities and accomplishments throughout the year.

Changes to Professional Corporation

Duty to Notify College of Change

A professional corporation is required to provide written notice to the Registrar within 30 days of the occurrence of any change. To notify the College, please submit a Change of Information for a Professional Corporation form within 30 days of the change. Please see the details for each type of change below.

In accordance with the College By-Laws, failure to provide written notice to the Registrar of a change in the information contained in the original application form or the last renewal application is grounds for suspension of the corporation’s certificate of authorization.  

Shareholder(s) changes or Managing Director Change

Corporations are required to notify the Registrar of any change in the shareholders of the corporation or of a change in the Managing Director of a Corporation.

Change of Address: Business and Registered Office

Corporations are required to notify the College of their current business address (i.e. the address where they carry out the practice medicine). Business addresses are public and appear in the College's website along with other publicly available information.

Corporations must also notify the College of their current mailing address if different from the business address. This is the address used for College communications. It is not available to the public, unless it is the same as the business address.

Important Note: A professional corporation is a separate entity from an Accredited Practice and has its own record with the College. Address updates for your Practice record will not automatically update the Professional Corporation address. Please ensure you notify the Incorporation Department directly if your Professional Corporation address changes.

Professional Corporation Name Change

The name change request must be applied for with the name application form and approved by the College before being amended with the Ministry.

If amendments do not meet the requirements or are too similar to another name in the database, the College will not approve the name change request.

The steps for the name change are as follows:

  1. Apply for the new professional corporation name with the College
  2. Receive the name approval from the College
  3. Amended the name with the Ministry
  4. Provide notice to the College by submitting the change of information form and include a copy of the Articles of Amendment from the Ministry of Government Services


Upon amalgamation of a Professional Corporation, the resulting amalgamated corporation must meet all of the eligibility conditions and requirements for issuance of a certificate of authorization by the College.

Depending on the changes the amalgamation involves, the name of the amalgamated professional corporation will be as follows:

  • When amalgamating a Professional Corporation with a holding company, the holding company name is eliminated.   

  • When amalgamating two or more Professional Corporations, one Professional Corporation name is selected for the new entity,

  • When any amalgamation includes a change or a new professional corporation, new name, change in shareholders and/or change in address; an application must be submitted to the College for a new Professional Corporation and a new Certificate of Authorization, along with fees.

The College must receive a completed change of information form as well as a copy of the Articles of Amalgamation.

Holding Companies

In accordance with the College By-Laws, a shareholder may hold shares of a professional corporation through a holding company, so long as all of the shares of the holding company are held by individuals holding licences issued by the Registrar.

To add a holding company within your professional corporation, please submit a Change of Information – Professional Corporation form, along with a copy of the Articles of Incorporation for the holding company or a signed affidavit listing all of the shareholders of the holding company.

Material Change

Notification must be given to the College for any material change in the structure or operation of the business of the professional corporation, including;

  1. the initiation of criminal or quasi-criminal proceedings against it,
  2. the death of a shareholder,
  3. its bankruptcy or insolvency,
  4. the appointment of a receiver for it, or
  5. the filing of an application for dissolution

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