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Information for Licensed Members

2016 Annual Report

The College's 2016 Annual Report "Strengthening Our Foundation" discusses the College's priorities and accomplishments throughout the year.

Peer Advisory Conversation

Sharing experiences about the delivery of veterinary medicine from someone who understands the profession firsthand can be valuable. As recent grads or longtime practitioners, a conversation with a peer is always a welcome opportunity to learn, share and grow. Reflecting on our day to day practices is proven in the literature to be key to our success and great animal outcomes.

With this in mind, the College is proud to launch the pilot phase of the Peer Advisory Conversation!

The Peer Advisory Conversation provides a positive learning experience for veterinarians. Through conversation, veterinarians will find support in their efforts to deliver quality care and service. The conversation includes tips for managing risk areas; insight into practice standards and regulatory requirements; and gives suggestions for continuing professional development

It’s a conversation - not an interview or an investigation. It’s one veterinarian speaking to another veterinarian - one of whom happens to be a trained peer advisor. Both of them, and both of their practices, benefit from the conversation.

Be part of the conversation. The College is currently welcoming volunteers to serve as Conversation Participants during the pilot phase.

Participate as a Conversation Participant

You will participate in a one-time conversation (online, telephone or in person) which is led by a trained peer advisor. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire to share your feedback. This is an excellent opportunity for those who may have limited time but want to contribute to the program’s development.

What you contribute as a participant:

  • approximately one hour online or via teleconference discussion with a trained peer advisor
  • completion of a brief, online questionnaire evaluating the experience

How you benefit from participation:

  • gain tips for managing risk areas
  • insight into practice standards and regulatory requirements
  • suggestions for continuing professional development
  • participation is logged as CPD hours
  • contribute to shaping and development of the College's Quality Practice program

Peer Advisors

After an interview process, the following veterinarians were approved by the Quality Assurance Committee to serve in the leadership role of Peer Advisor, and participated in a rigorous training process to prepare for the introduction of the Peer Advisory Conversation Pilot.  Their leadership and commitment to quality practice in the profession is welcomed.

Dr. Leann Benedetti
Dr. Sarah Charron
Dr. Kathleen Day Dunbar
Dr. Doris Feitler
Dr. Maggie Himann
Dr. Catherine Hooper
Dr. Janice Huntingford
Dr. Anna Kato
Dr. Shannah Kavonic
Dr. David Kerr
Dr. Colette Larocque
Dr. Ernst Marsig
Dr. Wendy Menary
Dr. Paul O'Neill
Dr. Shalini Ramsubeik
Dr. Chiara Switzer
Dr. Andrea Thomas
Dr. Karen Ward
Dr. Barbara Winslow
Dr. Maher Zaytoun

Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Peer Advisory Conversation is to provide a positive learning experience and support for veterinarians in providing safe, competent care that is consistent with current practice standards and is in the best interest of those they serve.

The objectives of the Peer Advisory Conversation are to:

  • Support a veterinarian’s performance in relation to their scope of practice;
  • Provide a positive educational experience for the veterinarian through a two-way conversation with a Peer Advisor;
  • Be applicable to all areas of practice;
  • Be feasible in cost and time;
  • Be acceptable to the profession; and
  • Provide useful feedback to the veterinarian. 

Conversation Tools

The Peer Advisory Conversation, after its pilot phase, will form the core of the College’s Quality Assurance Program.  Trained Peer Advisors will collaborate with licensed members to provide an opportunity to discuss a licensed members’ practice.  The full process includes the following components:

  • Pre-Conversation Questionnaire, to be completed by the conversation participant, and explores demographic and practice information.
  • Medical Records Review of four medical records, to be provided by the conversation participant and reviewed by the Peer Advisor prior to the conversation.
  • Peer Advisory Conversation, which will include:
    • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Discussion
    • Chart-Stimulated Recall (CSR)/Case Based Discussion
    • Non-Technical Skills Discussion
  • Written follow-up Report to be shared with the Conversation Participant
  • Post-Conversation Evaluation Form to be completed by the Peer Advisor and the Conversation Participant and to share this feedback with the College. 

To assist veterinarians with preparing for a Peer Advisory Conversation, and as a resource to others, the Peer Advisory Conversation tools and forms are provided:

During the pilot phase, the conversation tools and forms will be evaluated and revised based on feedback from Peer Advisors and Conversation Participants.  Revisions and enhancements are anticipated.  All comments from participants and advisors are welcome.

Pilot Phases 1 and 2 (2017)

The Peer Advisory Conversation Pilot will be conducted in four phases.  During the first two phases, volunteers will participate in a conversation with a Peer Advisor focused on one of the three areas: a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Discussion, a Medical Records Review and a Chart-Stimulated Recall (CSR)/Case Based Discussion, or a Non-Technical Skills Discussion.  These focused conversations will provide an opportunity to validate the conversation tools prior to launching the full conversation in Pilot Phase 3.

These conversations will be conducted at a distance through a teleconference solution (GoToMeeting or by phone), and are expected to be 30 minutes to one hour in length.  Phase 1 and Phase 2 conversations will be conducted in January and March 2017 respectively. 

Sign up today!

The College is currently recruiting conversation participants for the pilot phase of the project.
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