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Jurisprudence Exam

The College's jurisprudence exam requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines.

2016 Annual Report

The College's 2016 Annual Report "Strengthening Our Foundation" discusses the College's priorities and accomplishments throughout the year.

Modernizing the Veterinarians Act

The Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario is pleased to announce the final and complete consultation on the modernization of the Veterinarians Act. The current Act was introduced in 1989 and many of its features are notably outdated and do not best serve the public interest in 2017.

The concept paper, titled “Achieving a Modern Approach to the Regulation of Veterinary Medicine in Ontario," outlines several key changes that the College Council will propose to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. This document represents three years of consultation, research, and discussion with the veterinary community, the public and beyond.

The concepts as proposed can only be strengthened with the thoughtful and meaningful feedback of Ontario citizens. This work is important to the future of managing risks and potential harm in animal care in the province. We urge you to review the material and provide your perspective in the survey available through the link below.

This consultation is open until October 20, 2017.

Please note that all responses will be anonymous and you may skip any questions that you prefer not to answer.

Looking for more information?


For more information, tune in to the podcast which presents the proposal for bringing a modern approach to the Veterinarians Act! Join College Registrar and CEO, Jan Robinson and College Council President, Dr. Marc Marin as they explain several of the key points to the legislative reform consultation. Click here to listen to the podcast.


College President Dr. Marc Marin and Registrar and CEO Jan Robinson hosted a webinar to discuss key concepts from the proposal. A recording of the webinar is now available.

Fall Symposiums:

Share an evening with College President Dr. Marc Marin, College Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Jan Robinson, and Associate Registrar, Quality Practice Dr. Kim Lambert to discuss important College initiatives that will impact you and your practice. The fall symposiums will focus on the project to modernize the Veterinarians Act; the new Peer Advisory Conversation, and the future model of accreditation. Click here for dates and to register.


Download Achieving a Modern Approach to the Regulation of Veterinary Medicine in Ontario
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