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About the College of Veterinarians of Ontario

About the College of Veterinarians of Ontario

The College protects and serves the public interest through the regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. The College licenses approximately 4,500 veterinarians and accredits over 2,100 veterinary facilities in Ontario.

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Quality Practice

Quality Practice

Ontario veterinarians are highly competent, professional practitioners. Through the Quality Practice program, the profession demonstrates its commitment to safe, quality veterinary medicine.

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Only veterinarians licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario are permitted to practise in Ontario. As part of its mandate to protect and serve the public interest, the College ensures only qualified veterinarians are licensed to practise in Ontario.

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Veterinarians must practise from an accredited veterinary facility. Accreditation ensures all veterinary facilities in Ontario provide a professional environment and contain the essential equipment required for safe patient care.

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CVO Priorities

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One Health One Health recognizes that the health of people, animals and the ecosystem of which we are a part, are interconnected. The College has the opportunity as a leader and... More
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College News

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