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One Health

As a buzzword, the term “One Health” was coined just a few years ago.  However, the concept of collaboration among disciplines - working locally, nationally and globally - to achieve optimal health for people, animals and the environment is not at all new.

Put simply, One Health recognizes that the health of people, animals and the ecosystem of which we are a part, are interconnected.

Veterinarians have a substantial role in the future of global health care.  As you know, many infectious diseases such as rabies, West Nile virus and tuberculosis, can be transmitted between animals and humans.

A key component of the College’s strategic plan involves advancement of One Health stewardship enabling public health initiatives within veterinary medicine.  As part of its mandate, the College has the opportunity as a leader and as a partner to support veterinary initiatives which promote public and animal health and welfare. 

College efforts to date related to advancing One Health stewardship include:

  • supporting the provincial rabies strategy
  • sponsoring a project looking at Antibiotic Use in Food-Producing Animals and Opportunities for Veterinary Stewardship
  • commissioning a Shelter Medicine Task Force Report  focused on the accessible, safe delivery of veterinary medicine in animal shelters

These initiatives have all proven to be effective in reinforcing the importance of One Health stewardship.