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Animal Welfare Agenda 2020 - 2023

Animal welfare, inclusive of harm reduction and the prevention and relief of suffering, is central
to the practice of veterinary medicine. The College of Veterinarians of Ontario has publicly
acknowledged its opportunity to meaningfully contribute to positive outcomes that support
animal health and wellbeing in its 2015 Position Statement on Animal Welfare. As part of its
Strategy 2023 platform the College Council has identified specific welfare areas that offer
opportunities for partnership and for impact.

Year One

  • To publish a policy statement on veterinary medicine and wildlife.
  • To promote new provincial animal welfare legislation to both veterinarians and the public.
  • To further develop resources that support antimicrobial stewardship in all veterinary practices.

Year Two

  • To publish a revised policy statement on complementary and alternative veterinary medicine.
  • To explore and better understand the One Welfare movement and the potential role of veterinarians and the College.
  • To host a provincial forum on animal welfare and veterinary medicine to enhance veterinary leadership.

Year Three

  • To consider the educational needs of veterinarians in relation to animal welfare, ethics and law.
  • To explore veterinary care and indigenous communities and determine any regulatory policy implications.

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