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Why is the CVO involved in One Health?

One Health recognizes that the health of people, animals and the environment are all connected. Human, animal, and environmental health professionals all share the responsibility of managing and controlling threats to public health.

As part of its mandate, the College supports veterinary initiatives which promote public and animal health and welfare. That is why one of the key components of the current strategic plan is for the College to champion One Health initiatives through veterinary leadership.

In efforts to attain this objective, the College is:

  • developing policy guidance on the proper handling and restraint of animals by veterinarians
  • reviewing the College position on pain management
  • initiating disucssion on a symposium on animal welfare and veterinary medicine
  • working with the Ontario Antimicrobial Leadership Collaborative to achieve a coordinated approach to the implementation of veterinary oversight of antimicrobials

The College is pleased to support the contribution of veterinary medicine to public health and to bring its voice and influence to this important topic.

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The College's jurisprudence exam requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines.

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