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The Executive Committee proposes policy changes, makes recommendations to Council, identifies the need for Registrar's Investigations and reviews recommendations from committees. It also reviews the results of Registrar's Investigations and recommends appropriate resolution or disciplinary action.

  • Dr. Marc Marin, President
  • Dr. Steven Jacobs, 1st Vice President
  • Dr. Patricia Lechten, 2nd Vice President
  • Dr. Larry Caven, Past President
  • Ms. Claudia Newman, Public Member

Governance, Audit and Risk Committee

The Governance, Audit, and Risk Committee is a non-statutory committee of Council with a primary function of monitoring the College’s compliance with its governance structure and processes, and recommending opportunities for continuous improvement to promote governance excellence.
  • Dr. Larry Caven
  • Ms. Diane Freeman
  • Mr. Murray Hunt
  • Dr. Steven Jacobs
  • Dr. Marc Marin


Under the Veterinarians Act, the Registrar issues licences to applicants who meet the licensing requirements. These are not reviewed by the Registration Committee. Applicants whose applications do not meet the requirements of the regulation may seek exemptions, which are reviewed by the Committee. The Committee endeavours to ensure public protection and equitable access to the profession. The Committee is also responsible for the College’s jurisprudence examination.

  • Dr. Susan Warren, Chair
  • Dr. Larry Caven
  • Dr. Jaspinder Komal
  • Mr. Murray Hunt
  • Dr. Paula Menzies


The Complaints Committee investigates complaints about veterinarians related to the practice of veterinary medicine.

  • Mr. Andrew Glenny, Chair
  • Dr. Kristin Baird
  • Dr. Allan Corber
  • Dr. Moyra Horner
  • Dr. Davinder Jassal
  • Dr. Louise Kelly
  • Dr. Richard Liddell
  • Dr. Lisa Schwarz
  • Dr. Naomi Scromeda
  • Dr. Natalie Soligo


The Discipline Committee conducts hearings to determine allegations of professional misconduct or serious neglect against a member or former member of the College. Discipline hearings are generally open to the public. The Committee meets in Panels of three to five members to conduct hearings.

  • Dr. Jennifer Day, Chair
  • Dr. Martin Appelt
  • Dr. Trevor Bachelder
  • Dr. John Brajkovich
  • Dr. Larry Caven
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley
  • Ms. Diane Freeman
  • Dr. Scott Gardiner
  • Dr. Meredith Geldart
  • Mr. Andrew Glenny
  • Dr. Garth Graham
  • Dr. Kathryn Gyselinck
  • Dr. Douglas Hoover
  • Mr. Murray Hunt
  • Dr. Steven Jacobs
  • Dr. Harold Kloeze
  • Dr. Patricia Lechten
  • Dr. Lena Levison
  • Dr. Richard Liddell
  • Dr. Clayton MacKay
  • Dr. Paula Menzies
  • Dr. Lynn Morgan
  • Ms. Claudia Newman
  • Dr. Sandy Rice
  • Dr. Elizabeth Saul
  • Dr. Suminder Sawhney
  • Dr. Sarah Thompson
  • Dr. Susan Warren


Veterinarians in Ontario must practise from an accredited veterinary facility. The Registrar issues or renews a Certificate of Accreditation to members whose facilities meet the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities as required through the Veterinarians Act. The Accreditation Committee oversees the standards that assure the facility provides a safe, professional environment for veterinary care. The Commmittee also monitors trends in veterinary medicine and amends accreditation standards, when necessary, to keep up with technology changes in the profession.

  • Dr. Sandy Rice, Chair
  • Ms. Diane Freeman
  • Dr. Sara Untch
  • Dr. Elizabeth Saul
  • Dr. Suminder Sawhney

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee provides recommendations to Council with respect to the quality assurance program. The program includes continuing education, professional development, practice review, and peer-review.

  • Dr. Sarah Thompson, Chair
  • Dr. Sue Burlatschenko
  • Ms. Claudia Newman
  • Dr. Emmanuelle Verrette
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley

National Examining Board

  • Dr. Bev Baxter

The College has six committees which support the work of Council. Committee membership includes veterinarians and public members. There are also non-Council members appointed to serve on Committees.