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Committees support the work of the College Council. The College has five statutory Committees (required by legislation) and two non-statutory Committees (created by the College). Committees are established at the Annual Council Meeting in December and are made up of Council and non-Council Committee members. As well as policy work, certain Committees deal with matters related to the conduct of individual veterinarians.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides leadership to Council by proposing policy changes, identifying the need for Registrar's Investigations and reviewing recommendations from committees.

  • Dr. Lorie Gold, President
  • Dr. Alana Parisi, 1st Vice President
  • Dr. Wade Wright, 2nd Vice President
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley, Past President
  • Ms. Catherine Knipe, Public Member

Governance, Audit and Risk Committee

As a non-statutory committee, the Governance, Audit, and Risk Committee monitors the College’s compliance with its governance structure and processes, and recommends opportunities for continuous improvement to promote governance excellence.

  • Ms. Catherine Knipe, Chair
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley
  • Dr. Lorie Gold
  • Dr. Harold Kloeze
  • Dr. Alana Parisi

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee, a statutory committee, provides guidance to Council on the requirements for licensure with the College. The Committee endeavours to ensure equitable access to the profession and monitors licensure issues in the provincial, national and international environment. The Committee is also responsible for the College’s jurisprudence examination.

  • Dr. Kerry Lissemore, Chair
  • Dr. Harold Kloeze
  • Dr. Chiemi Ogawa
  • Dr. Michael Zigler

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee, a statutory committee, screens and reviews complaints about the conduct of veterinarians and decides whether any action should be taken related to the concerns.

  • Ms. Joy Levison, Chair
  • Dr. Roselyn Allen
  • Dr. Ehab Hanna
  • Dr. Lisa Jones
  • Dr. Jessica Peatling
  • Dr. Lesley Ralston
  • Dr. Naomi Scromeda
  • Dr. LeeAnn Sealey
  • Dr. Anne Watson
  • Dr. Jennifer Whitehead

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee, a statutory committee, holds public hearings during which they consider allegations of professional misconduct or serious neglect against a veterinarian. Cases are referred to the Discipline Committee by the Complaints and Executive Committees. Discipline hearings are generally open to the public and the outcomes are summarized and available on the College’s website and the online Public Register.

  • Dr. Paula Menzies, Chair
  • Dr. Patricia Alderson
  • Dr. Martin Appelt
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley
  • Ms. Gayle Ecker
  • Dr. Meredith Geldart
  • Dr. Christine Hickman
  • Dr. Steven Jacobs
  • Dr. Davinder Jassal
  • Dr. Shannah Kavonic
  • Dr. Harold Kloeze
  • Ms. Catherine Knipe
  • Dr. Lena Levison
  • Ms. Joy Levison
  • Dr. Kerry Lissemore
  • Dr. Arif Memon
  • Dr. Atul Pakhawala
  • Dr. Alana Parisi
  • Dr. Jessica Peatling
  • Dr. Sami Qureshi
  • Dr. Jessica Retterath
  • Dr. Ravi Sankar
  • Ms. Rena Spevack
  • Dr. Sarah Thompson
  • Dr. Ines Walther
  • Dr. Steve Watts
  • Dr. Wade Wright
  • Dr. Michael Zigler

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee, a statutory committee, oversees the Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario which assure the facility provides a safe, professional environment for veterinary care. The Committee also monitors trends in veterinary medicine and amends accreditation standards, when necessary, to keep up with changes in the practice of the profession.

  • Dr. Jessica Retterath, Chair
  • Dr. Sara Untch
  • Dr. Tyrrel de Langley
  • Ms. Gayle Ecker
  • Dr. Sami Qureshi

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee, a non-statutory committee, provides recommendations to Council which promote continued competence and continuing professional development among veterinarians.

  • Dr. Patricia Alderson, Chair
  • Dr. Robert Berger
  • Dr. Kristen Reynolds
  • Ms. Rena Spevack

National Examining Board

  • Dr. Suminder Sawhney