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Contacting the CVO

Office relocation:

The College office has moved!

The College's address is:
College of Veterinarians of Ontario
2-71 Hanlon Creek Blvd.
Guelph, Ontario N1C 0B1

Please note that the College's phone system is down for regular maintenance on Saturday evenings from 9-11 p.m.  You will not be able to leave a voicemail message during that time.

College of Veterinarians
of Ontario

2-71 Hanlon Creek Blvd.
Guelph, Ontario N1C 0B1

Tel. (519) 824-5600 / 1 (800) 424-2856
Fax (519) 824-6497 1 (888) 662-9479

General Inquiries

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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File a Complaint

Anyone who believes a veterinarian has not acted or treated them professionally can submit a complaint to the College. Visit the investigations and hearings section of the website to learn more about how to file a complaint.

For questions about the complaints process, please contact our Investigations and Hearings Navigator:
1-800-424-2856 or (519) 824- 5600 (extn. 2264)

To file a complaint or for questions specific to your complaint, including case status, please contact:
1-800-424-2856 or (519) 824- 5600

Practice Advisory Service

The practice advisory service is available to anyone seeking information related to the regulations, policy and expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario.
1-800-424-2856 extension 2401

College President

The President of the College Council is Dr. Alana Parisi.

Staff nkDirectory
Registrar's Office

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer provides oversight to the College staff and supports implementation of Council's decisions.

Robinson, Jan (she/her)
Registrar & CEO

(519) 824-5600 x-2226

Jeyaraman, Krithika (she/her)
Community Engagement Strategist

(519) 824-5600 x-2264


The licensure team ensures only qualified veterinarians are licensed to practise in Ontario.

Tooze, Shilo (she/her)
Associate Registrar, Licensure

(519) 824-5600 x-2231

Adams, Sarah (she/her)
Associate, Licensure and Professional Corporations

(519) 824-5600 x-2223

Sproule, Lindsay (she/her)
Principal, Licensure & Professional Corporations

(519) 824-5600 x-2228

Palak, Sonia
Associate, Licensure & Investigations

(519) 824-5600 x 2244

Investigations and Hearings

The investigations and hearings team receives, investigates, and acts upon concerns related to a veterinarian's practice or conduct.

Larocque, Colette
Principal, Investigations & Hearings

(519) 824-5600 x-2227

Evanitski, Phillip
Associate, Investigations

(519) 824-5600 x-2265

Fischer, Martin
Investigations & Inspections Specialist

(519) 824-5600 x-2238

Mulak, Kristina (she/her)
Decision & Reasons Writer

Rose, Cindy (she/her)
Associate, Investigations & Hearings

(519) 824-5600 x-2233

Quality Practice

The quality practice team supports veterinarians in their efforts to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

Lambert, Kim (she/her)
Associate Registrar, Quality Practice

(519) 824-5600 x-2236

Bell, Meaghan
Practice Advisor

(519) 824-5600 x-2401

Ewles, Emily (she/her)
Principal, Quality Assurance & Improvement

(519) 824-5600 x-2240

Janakovic, Cindy (she/her)
Associate, Quality Practice

(519) 824-5600 x-2222

Sabatini, Susan (she/her)
Practice Advisor

(519) 824-5600 x-2401


Veterinarians in Ontario must practise from an accredited veterinary facility. The College's accreditation team ensures all veterinary facilities in Ontario provide a professional environment and contain the essential equipment required for patient care.

Bharij, Aneeta
Principal, Accreditation

(519) 824-5600 x-2230

Myers, Brooke
Associate, Accreditation

(519) 824-5600 x-2266

Darmon, Adrian
Accreditation Inspector

Jongkind, Danielle
Accreditation Inspector

Muller, Wilf
Accreditation Inspector

Swatman, John
Accreditation Inspector

Wideman, Wendy
Accreditation Inspector

Corporate Services

The corporate services team administers various aspects of the College's functions including Council and Committee meetings, human resources, and information technology.

Ready, Beth (she/her)
Executive Partner, Corporate Services

(519) 824-5600 x-2224

Cull, Pamela (she/her)
Ambassador, Corporate Services

(519) 824-5600 x-2221

Coles, Ashley
Data and Technology Specialist

(519) 824-5600 x-2234

Ellery, Sarah
Records & Risk Officer

(519) 824-5600 x-2225

Standards and Policy

The policy team supports Council's work to develop documents that increase the clarity of the College's expectations of all veterinarians.

Kirby, Sarah (she/her)
Senior Policy & Projects Specialist

(519) 824-5600 x-2237

Pieters, Kali (she/her)
Associate, Project Research

(519) 824-5600 x-2243


The communications team prepares the College publications, manages the website and responds to media inquiries.

Huson, Kim (she/her)
Executive Partner, Communications

(519) 824-5600 x-2245

Rivas, Jocelyn (she/her)
Associate, Communications

(519) 824-5600 x 2229