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College Council adopts animal welfare agenda

June 26, 2017

The Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario has established an animal welfare agenda that reflects the College’s mandate.

“Animal welfare is a central motivation for those of us who practise veterinary medicine. We state our commitment to animal health and wellbeing through the Veterinarians Oath,” said Dr. Marc Marin, president of the College. “We understand how passionate people are about the humane treatment of animals – the College, the Council and licensed members share that commitment.”

The College’s new three-year animal welfare agenda, established as part of the current strategic plan, identifies areas where the College’s mandate connects with animal welfare activities. Elements included in the College’s animal welfare agenda are continuing participation in discussions on shelter medicine and euthanasia; consideration of policy development on the handling and restraint of animals by veterinarians; review of the College’s pain management policy; collaboration with the province on animal protection; research on complementary and alternative medicine in animals that addresses the absence of science and potential risk to animals; and sponsoring a provincial forum on veterinarians’ roles in animal welfare.

“The College has an Animal Welfare position statement which clearly defines the instances where it will intervene on matters involving animal welfare and the practice of veterinary medicine. The agenda provides specific opportunities for the College to contribute to the broader animal welfare movement,” said Jan Robinson, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer for the College.

The College supports quality and safety in the delivery of veterinary medicine in Ontario.  The College licenses approximately 4,600 veterinarians and accredits over 2,300 facilities in Ontario.