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Public Notice

January 25, 2019

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario is committed to managing the risks that are associated with the delivery of veterinary medicine. When an area of risk is identified, the public trusts the College to take action to reduce the potential for harm to animals and the public.

The College advises that Nancy Dimitrova does not have a licence to practise veterinary medicine in Ontario. The licensing process is in place to protect the public by ensuring that veterinarians possess the essential knowledge, skills and judgement to safely and competently practise veterinary medicine.

The College maintains a Public Register, available to the public through the Find a Veterinarian search function, on its website. The Public Register is available to provide the public with reliable information on a veterinarian’s licensure status, contact information, education and practice history. If an individual does not appear on the College’s Public Register, he/she is not licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Ontario.