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Understanding the impact of the Cannabis Act on animal welfare

October 17, 2018

With the Cannabis Act in effect today, there is speculation about the impact the Cannabis Act will have on veterinary practice in Ontario.

This federal legislation creates a new environment for Canadians which may impact the choices they make surrounding cannabis use. As cannabis presents risks to animals, the College is concerned for the welfare of the animals who share this new environment. By helping veterinarians to access the best information currently available regarding cannabis use and veterinary medicine, we can work together to better inform the public on how to keep their animals safe.

The College wants to assist veterinarians in understanding their role and responsibilities related to this new federal legislation.

The College's practice advisory service has been receiving questions on this topic for some time. Below are questions and answers that may be useful to you:


What can veterinarians discuss with their clients about cannabis and animals?


With the new Cannabis Act coming into force October 17, 2018, will veterinarians be able to prescribe cannabis to animals?


If a client legally accesses cannabis for their own use, and asks their veterinarian if they can use it for their animal, can a veterinarian provide a dose for the client to give to their pet?


If a client buys a CBD product for their animal and asks a veterinarian to provide a dose for their pet, can a veterinarian do so?



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