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Our Commitment to Inclusion

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario condemns acts of discrimination on any grounds, and aims to deliver its mandate in a fair, transparent, responsive and empathic manner. The College embraces diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental to your full and meaningful participation in the College’s mandate to serve the public interest.  

The College, its Council, its committees and its staff actively promote inclusion and respect for diversity in our processes and procedures. Vigilance is essential to ensure equity at all levels of our decision making.  In its work to license veterinarians, accredit veterinary facilities, resolve complaints and assure quality practice, the College earns the public trust by focussing on the competence of all its licensed members. 

We are committed to seeking improved opportunities to reflect and engage our diverse community.  As we better understand one another’s lived experiences, we will continue to reduce those barriers that impact our regulatory practices and mandate.  

Our action plan includes:

  1. To promote and strengthen our organizational culture to be person-centered and compassionate,
  2. To conduct an independent review of College processes and practices to identify and address bias and systemic racism,
  3. To identify and implement initiatives that promote humility and respect amongst veterinary professionals, and
  4. To collaborate with our stakeholders and contribute to solutions advocating for changes that address discrimination in the sector.
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