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About CVO

President & Registrar

Dr. Marc Marin – President

Dr. Marc Marin - President

Dr. Marc Marin became the College’s President in November 2016. Dr. Marin was elected to Council in 2012. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1991. After working in a small animal practice and doing locums for two years, Dr. Marin opened a small animal practice with a partner in Chelmsford (Sudbury area) in 1998 and remains at that practice.

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Ms. Jan Robinson - Registrar & Chief Executive Officer

Jan Robinson

A recognized leader in the field of profession-based regulation, Jan Robinson has nearly 20 years of experience providing vision and direction to policy governance organizations. Known for her ability to build strong networks and create community engagement on initiatives at the provincial, national and international levels, Jan is a keen strategist.

Her accomplishments include establishing a governance excellence framework for Board development, introducing an accountability measurement approach to regulation, implementing an evidence-based approach to policy development, transforming provincial regulatory partnerships in improving the integration of internationally educated professionals into practice, and continually introducing innovative approaches to the delivery of regulatory programs.
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