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Applying to the College - COVID-19 Update

Applicants can submit licence applications for review during the current state of emergency. College staff will review your application and respond to inquiries in accordance with our service standards. The College is dedicated to supporting you in your pursuit towards licensure with the least amount of disruption as reasonably possible.


If you are unable to obtain documents required to support your application, you are encouraged to review the Difficulty obtaining required documents policy. 

CVO Jurisprudence Exam:

In light of the extraordinary circumstances posed by COVID-19, licensure applicants find themselves unable to attempt the CVO Jurisprudence Exam. The exam is currently in an online format and can only be taken at approved proctoring centres. The majority of these proctoring centres are located at educational institutions across Canada and these institutions have closed due to measures taken to control the spread of COVID-19. 

As applicants are not able to attempt the exam but still wish to be licensed, begin to practise and to make a livelihood, the College has decided to issue licences to applicants with a temporary exemption from having to successfully complete the CVO Jurisprudence Exam. This will continue until such time that public health restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted. 

Prior to a licence being issued, you must provide a declaration confirming that you have read and reviewed the CVO Jurisprudence Exam workbook (version 03/2020) and all links contained within the workbook. This temporary measure is a safeguard that will ensure that applicants have an appropriate understanding of their professional obligations in day-to-day practice. 

A condition is placed on each licence issued during this time that requires the licensee to successfully complete the CVO Jurisprudence Exam in accordance with the College’s policies on exam completion within a reasonable time frame set by the Registrar after the public health restrictions are lifted. If a licensee does not successfully complete the CVO Jurisprudence Exam within the time frame set out by the Registrar then their licence will expire. 

National Board Examinations:

To find current information about the status of the BCSE, NAVLE, PSA and CPE please visit the following websites: 

Registration Committee:

The Registration Committee strives to maintain standards of entry-level competence that ensures both public protection and equitable access to the profession.

The Registration Committee can exempt an applicant from any licensure requirement.

A Restricted licence may be requested by an applicant when an applicant does not meet the requirements for a General licence. The College’s Registration Committee can consider applications for a Restricted Licence limited to a specific scope, species or employer from those applicants who request an exemption from the requirement to pass the National Examination Board examination(s). The application will be assessed on its merits, while ensuring the College fulfills its public protection mandate. Eligible applicants may be granted a Restricted Licence by the College’s Registration Committee. 

Further information about Registration Committee reviews can be found here.

Jurisprudence Exam

The College's jurisprudence exam requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines.

2019 Annual Report

The College's 2019 Annual Report discusses the College's priorities and accomplishments throughout the year.

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