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Registration Committee

All licence applications are reviewed by College staff. If an application meets all licensure requirements, the application is approved, and the applicant becomes a licensed member.

In some cases, the Registrar, according to the Veterinarians Act, may refer an application to the Registration Committee for review when:

  • An applicant does not meet the requirements for licensure;
  • The past conduct of the applicant suggests there are reasonable grounds for belief that the applicant will not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine with honesty and integrity;
  • There are reasonable grounds for belief that the applicant is impaired; or
  • An applicant requests their application be reviewed by the Registration Committee.

The College’s Determining Applicant Suitability to Practise Policy Statement explains how the College assesses information about an applicant’s suitability to practise; and identifies the criteria that the College uses when conducting such an assessment.

Authority of the Registration Committee

The Registration Committee strives to apply standards of entry-level competence that ensures both public protection and equitable access to the profession.

The Registration Committee can exempt an applicant from any licensure requirement.

The Committee considers all applications on a case-by-case basis. As a way to enhance fairness and reduce opportunities for bias, the Registration Committee reviews licence requests with all identifying applicant information removed.

Referral by the Registrar to the Registration Committee

Applicants are notified of the referral of their application to the Registration Committee by the Registrar and are provided with an opportunity to submit any additional written information to the Committee for consideration. The Committee will review the application and all relevant information before making its decision.

Applicants requesting a referral to the Registration Committee

The College must receive an application for licensure, payment of the application fee, and a letter addressed to the Registration Committee outlining the request and the reasons why the request should be granted before the Registration Committee will review an application.

For further information, please see CVO’s Licensure Policies.

Submitting Materials to the Committee

Application materials and supporting documentation should be sent to Lindsay Sproule, Principal Licensure & Professional Corporations (

The following materials may be submitted to support a request:

  • A current resume detailing experience in veterinary medicine to date;
  • Employment confirmation letters from past and/or present employers in any jurisdiction where the applicant has practised that states responsibilities, employment dates, and length of practice experience with that employer; or
  • Any other information that the applicant believes would support their request.

In preparing your materials for submission, please provide information that covers the topics below to ensure a complete submission.


  • Have you completed any education other than your first veterinary degree? (Masters in Veterinary Science, Doctor of Veterinary Science, PhD in Veterinary Medicine or other relevant degree)
  • Have you completed any relevant continuing education courses? Was there an evaluation component?

Practice Experience

  • How many years have you practised veterinary medicine and when was the last time you practised?

    • Was it clinical practice (i.e. patient care) or non-clinical (i.e. industry, research, academia, administration)?

    • What was the scope of your veterinary medicine practice? 

Veterinary Assessments

  • Have you completed any of the North American National Board Examinations (Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE), North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE), Preliminary Surgical Assessment (PSA), Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE)?

    • What assessments have you successfully completed?

    • What dates were these assessments completed?

    • Have you failed any part of these assessments?

  • Have you completed any of the components of the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE)?

    • What assessments have you successfully completed? 

    • Have you ever failed any part of these assessments?

Registration Committee Decisions

College staff will notify an applicant of the Committee’s decision within two business days after the meeting. The applicant will also be provided with a written decision explaining the Committee’s reasons within four to six weeks of the meeting date.

If you have questions about Registration Committee referrals or decisions please contact Lindsay Sproule, Principal, Licensure & Professional Corporations at

Jurisprudence Exam

The College's jurisprudence exam requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply relevant Ontario legislation and regulations, as well as College standards and guidelines.