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Information for Applicants

Licence Types

All practising veterinarians in Ontario must be licensed by the College. The following types of licences are issued:

  • General - may practise veterinary medicine in Ontario, without restriction on scope or place of practice
  • Restricted - similar to General, but a Committee under the Act placed conditions or limitations on licence
  • Educational - must be enrolled in postgraduate studies in veterinary medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College
  • Postgraduate/Resident - must be enrolled as an intern, resident or Doctor of Veterinary Science student at the Ontario Veterinary College
  • Academic - must hold a full-time teaching or research appointment of professional rank at the Ontario Veterinary College
  • Public Service - must be employed as a veterinarian by the Government of Canada
  • Short Term - a 30-day, restricted licence requiring supervision and an appointment or invitation