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Information for Licensed Members

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Accreditation FAQs

How do I prepare for the inspection of my veterinary facility?

Step 1: Complete the Application for Inspection and Accreditation of a Veterinary Facility form
Step 2: Review the appropriate Sample Inspection Checklist for your facility type
Step 3: Contact the College with any questions

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I have just purchased a facility - what do I do?

Complete the Application for Inspection and Accreditation of a Veterinary Facility. Confirmation from the seller of the sale is required.

Contact Ministry of Labour, Radiation Protection Services (416) 235-5922, regarding X-ray registration.

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What do I need to know about managing an x-ray machine?

You need to contact the Ministry of Labour, Radiation Protection Services at (416) 235-5922 when:

  • you purchase a new x-ray machine;
  • move the existing x-ray machine within the facility;
  • the facility moves;
  • you purchase an additional x-ray machine e.g. dental, mobile;
  • you give up possession of an x-ray source, or
  • the ownership of the facility changes

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I want to open a new practice – what do I do?

Complete the Application for Facility Name. The Registrar reviews all applications for facility names, a process which can take up to two weeks. Upon approval of the facility name, you have six months to book an inspection, after which the name becomes available to another applicant. Once the name is approved and the facility is fully equipped, complete the Application for Inspection and Accreditation of a Facility to book the inspection. You are not permitted to open until you have passed the inspection. Since there are no records at this point, a temporary Waiver of Enforcement is issued if the inspection report is acceptable to the Registrar, allowing the practice to open.

The inspector will return in 60 days to check medical records.

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Can I advertise that I am opening a new practice?

Yes, you may indicate on a sign the hospital will be opening however you may not put a date for the opening since this is subject to the passing of the inspection.

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I heard that a new practice is opening in my area – can I learn who the owner is?

No, information with respect to pending practices is confidential until the practice has been inspected and permitted to open.

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What do I need to do to conduct a Microchip and/or Rabies clinic?

Read the appropriate Position Statement to understand the conditions under which the College permits temporary programs to occur from a non-accredited facility. Application forms are found on the Forms & Applications section of the website. The College requires two weeks to process the application.

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Do I need to have an accredited companion animal mobile to make house calls?

While the Committee is authorized to grant exemptions to any requirement for a Certificate of Accreditation, it does not have the authority to exempt a member from the requirement to practice from an accredited veterinary facility. However, Council has taken the position that it is in the public interest for licensed veterinarians—who are working from accredited companion animal facilities, but who do not have an accredited companion animal mobile facility—to be able to attend to patients at a client’s home on rare occasions when a house call is in the best interest of the client and/or patient (euthanasia of a geriatric animal is one example). In such cases—where the service is not part of the regular practice, not advertised, and client consent for the provision of the service by a veterinarian without a certificate of accreditation has been obtained—the College may, in such isolated situations, use its discretion and decide not to prosecute a veterinarian for practising without an accredited mobile.

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Can my veterinary clinic share office space with another local, pet-related business?

The Accreditation Committee has identified circumstances in which it is reasonable for the Committee to grant exemptions to the requirement that a veterinary facility must not operate in connection with another enterprise.   These circumstances include facilities that are affiliated with a university or college; facilities that have components which are physically divided from the main structure; and facilities that are in a sharing arrangement, such that some elements of the facilities (such as a lobby or reception area) are shared even though the separately owned and operated facilities remain operationally independent. 

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