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Temporary Facilities

Under certain circumstances, the College provides opportunities for programs or clinics to operate from an unaccredited facility. Those interested in hosting or sponsoring a temporary clinic or program are encouraged to review the Position Statement and submit an application form. The College requires two weeks notice to process an application for a temporary facility.

All the College's application forms for hosting temporary facilities are now available in an easy-to-use online format under Forms & Applications.

Programs which operate from temporary facilities include:

  • Cardiac screening program
  • Conducting programs for the implantation of electronic identification devices in companion animals
  • Congenital deafness screening programs for companion animals
  • Ophthalmic screening program
  • Rabies vaccinations

The Request for Authorization of a Rabies Program form must be submitted to – and approved by – the College prior to hosting a rabies program.

Following completion of a Rabies Clinic, you will be sent a Data Report Form via email.  The information that is collected on that report includes the following:

  • number of cats vaccinated
  • number of dogs vaccinated
  • number of animals reported to have bitten a person in 10 days prior to the date of the proposed rabies vaccination
  • number of animals with no prior vaccination history
  • number of clients with no primary care veterinarian
  • number of Exemption Certificates issued

Please keep track of these details during your Rabies Clinic to complete the Data Report Form.

Accreditation Questions?

Aneeta Bharij
Principal, Accreditation