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Information for Licensed Members

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Updating Your Information: Change to Home, Work or E-mail

If you have a change in home, work or e-mail address, you are required by law to notify the College in writing within 30 days of the change. Please be sure to include any updates to phone numbers and to provide the end date of the position you left and the start date of the new position.  Please submit these changes to the Professional Practice Portal.

Change My Name

Licensed members must practise veterinary medicine in the same name as listed in the Public Register, which is the name that appears on your basic degree in veterinary medicine.  If you wish to change your name, you are asked to submit an application to the College Registrar with appropriate supporting documentation.

To request a change to a name listed on the Public Register, please complete and submit the Application for Name Change form.

Adding Specialty Board Certification to My Record

If you have become a board certified specialist, the College will verify the designation by viewing the original board certification or receiving a notarized copy.  Once the designation has been verified, the board certification will be added to your record on the Public Register.

Contact Information

Ensure the College has your current contact information. Any changes are submitted in the Professional Practice Portal.