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Professional Corporations

The College does not provide legal or accounting advice related to the issuance or renewal of Certificates of Authorization. The College highly recommends that licensed veterinarians seek appropriate professional advice in order to establish a personally suitable professional corporation.

Establishing a Professional Corporation

Under the Veterinarians Act, licensed veterinarians are permitted to establish a corporation in the Province of Ontario for the purpose of practicing veterinary medicine. Licensed veterinarians who intend to incorporate must also follow the regulations and restrictions outlined in both the Ontario Business Corporations Act and the College By-Laws.

NOTE: All shareholders in a professional corporation must hold a licence issued by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. Furthermore, a shareholder may hold shares of the professional corporation through a holding company, provided that all of the shares are held by individuals holding licences issued by the College.

The following steps detail the process to obtain a Certificate of Authorization, which will permit licensed veterinarians to practice veterinary medicine through a professional corporation:

Step One:

  • Submit the Application for Professional Corporation Name to the College for approval through the Professional Practice Portal.  Please note that this must be done before incorporation with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).

NOTE: The professional corporation name does not replace the name of the accredited facility. The approved name of the accredited facility must appear on all signage, advertisements, newsletters, business cards, and invoices. The approved name of the professional corporation and the accredited facility name must appear on all invoices and consent forms.

Step Two:

Incorporate with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) within six months of name approval.

In accordance with College By-laws Section 44(5)(ii), the articles of incorporation must state that:

  1. The corporation does not carry on a business other than the practice of veterinary medicine and activities related to or ancillary to the practice of veterinary medicine.
  2. All shareholders, directors and officers must be licensed veterinarians in the province of Ontario

For additional assistance incorporating with the MGCS, contact the Companies Branch Help line at (416) 314-8880 or toll free at 1-800-361-3223 or at

Step Three:

Submit the Application for Certificate of Authorization through the Professional Practice Portal. Also print and complete the “Statutory Declaration”. Once complete, submit the Statutory Declaration and all other required hard copies to the College. Once reviewed and verified, the College will issue a Certificate of Authorization.

NOTE: The “Certificate of Status” is a separate document from the Certificate of Incorporation" and must be specifically requested from the Ontario Ministry of Government and Services Canada.

Questions about incorporation?

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Reminder - Professional Corporations

If you are planning to incorporate by December 31, 2018, please ensure a new professional corporation name application is submitted to the College by December 13, 2018 to allow for processing time before the office closes on December 21, 2018.