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Renewal of Certificate of Authorization

Responsibility for initiating the renewal of a professional corporation’s Certificate of Authorization rests with the Managing Director. However, the College will issue courtesy email reminders. Please ensure that the professional corporation information on file with the College is kept up-to-date to avoid missing important reminders and updates.

Important Note: A professional corporation is a separate entity from an accredited practice and has its own record with the College. Address updates for your practice record will not automatically update the professional corporation record. Please ensure you log on to the Professional Practice Portal and fill out a Notification of Change form so that the professional corporation department is informed directly of all professional corporation information changes.

Renewing a Certificate of Authorization

Certificates of Authorization are valid for one year.

The College By-Laws direct the Registrar to revoke the Certificate of Authorization of any professional corporation that fails to renew on or before the end of its certificate’s term.

If a professional corporation does not complete the renewal and/or fails to comply with one or more of the listed requirements, including payment of the renewal fee, the Certificate of Authorization will be given written notice of the proposed revocation.

If a professional corporation does not renew within 60 days after the date on which the notice is given, the Certificate of Authorization for the professional corporation will be revoked and the professional corporation will no longer be authorized to practice veterinary medicine.

Upon revocation, the professional corporation loses its authorization to practice veterinary medicine.