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DRAFT Code of Ethics


At its October 2015 meeting, Council reviewed a draft Code of Ethics and is now seeking input from licensed members on the document.

The foundation documents of a profession articulate the framework in which professional duties are carried out. These documents include Professional Practice Standards, Regulations, and a Code of Ethics. 

In June 2014, the College Council adopted an initiative that would see the articulation of the Code of Ethics for Ontario veterinarians.Council recognized that veterinarians currently operate under an existing set of values and ethical principles and felt that the articulation of these foundation elements of professional practice would serve the public and the profession. To that end, the College undertook to engage members of the profession in establishing value statements and ethical principles which they felt resonated with the profession. This was accomplished through a series of live online consultations with interested veterinarians. 

From this information, a draft Code of Ethics was constructed under the guidance of the College’s Quality Assurance Committee.  This initial draft saw a number of iterations as the language and structure was adjusted to provide a succinct, meaningful Code of Ethics for the profession.  This draft Code of Ethics was considered by Council and presented to the public for comment and feedback.

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