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The College protects your right to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care. When you require the services of a veterinarian, you can expect to receive safe, quality care from a highly-trained licensed professional.

Facility Accreditation supports safe patient care

accreditation-emblem.pngThe College of Veterinarians of Ontario protects and serves the public interest through the regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. As an animal owner, you want to have confidence your pet or animal has access to quality veterinary medicine in a safe environment. One key aspect of how the College supports quality and safety in the delivery of veterinary medicine is through the regular inspection and accreditation of veterinary facilities.

All veterinarians in Ontario must practise from accredited veterinary facilities. The accreditation of a veterinary facility demonstrates a veterinarian’s commitment to providing a safe environment for animal care.

All veterinary facilities, from the local clinic treating cats and dogs to the mobile travelling in remote areas of the province treating farm animals, are inspected regularly. Facilities are inspected for equipment and pharmaceutical requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; as well as orderliness and infection control (sanitation). When a veterinary facility meets or exceeds the inspection requirements, it receives a Certificate of Accreditation.

When you see the Facility Accreditation Emblem, you can be assured the veterinary facility has been inspected and granted its Certificate of Accreditation. The emblem is available to be displayed on the facility’s website and also one its social media sites.

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario Facility Accreditation Emblem demonstrates:

  • The veterinary facility provides a safe environment for animal care
  • The facility meets or exceeds the provincial standards for veterinary facilities
  • The equipment and pharmaceuticals are appropriate for the services the animal will receive
  • The facility has undergone a rigorous review by trained inspectors

Ontario veterinarians demonstrate a commitment to veterinary health care by meeting the accreditation requirements and supporting the inspection program established by the College.

When you receive services from a veterinary facility, you can be confident knowing the facilities are clean and have met standards that reduce chances of error, infection or negligence. Accreditation enhances the quality of veterinary care by requiring that veterinarians review their facilities regularly and ensure they continually meet standards.

The College’s Facility Accreditation Emblem is only available for use by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and its accredited facilities. It may not be used by any other entity without prior consent from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

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