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Information for the Public

The College protects your right to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care. When you require the services of a veterinarian, you can expect to receive safe, quality care from a highly-trained licensed professional.

Practice Advisory Service

The practice advisory service is available to anyone seeking information related to the regulations, policy and expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario. This service is free and confidential. By facilitating access to relevant information, practice advisors support veterinarians in providing quality care and service and assist the public with their understanding of the professional obligations of veterinarians licensed in Ontario.

Here to assist you.

We want to hear from you, and your questions are important to us. Our team of practice advisors can assist you with clear information. 

Here are some ways you can contact our team:


Call 1-800-424-2856 extension 2401

We monitor voicemail and email messages left with the practice advisory service during regular business hours and our goal is to respond the same day. We will respond within two business days of receiving the question.

If your question is urgent and requires a response immediately, please call the College at (519) 824-5600 and press 0 during regular business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday; 8:30 am to 4 pm Friday).

Please remember that the practice advisory service cannot provide:

  • Legal advice or a legal opinion
  • Veterinary medical advice or a medical opinion, or
  • An opinion about the conduct of a veterinarian that relates to the College’s complaints or disciplinary process. If there is such a concern, please contact our Investigations and Hearings team.

What information are you looking for?

The practice advisory service receives questions about professional practice standards and expectations for veterinarians in Ontario. Some of the common questions received by the service include inquiries about prescribing and dispensing drugs, the veterinarian-client-patient relationship, medical record requirements and information, and informed client consent.

If the information you are seeking is related to a specific team, please visit our staff directory to have your questions answered. 

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Ask a Practice Advisor

The College's practice advisors provide information on the regulations, policy and expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario.