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By-Law Amendment - Schedule A Fees

The Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario is proposing to change the general licence fee effective January 1, 2023. The proposed change increases the annual fee from $1,000 to $1,085. This change also affects fees applied to partial year licences, categories most usually used by new graduates, or new applicants to the College from other jurisdictions, who apply mid-licence year.

Why is this change being proposed?

The College Council has a fiduciary responsibility to assure that the operations of the College are financially stable and support its objectives.

While the College is and remains in a strong overall financial position, there are three factors which have altered the costs of its operations.

  • The College has sold the propoperty at 2106 Gordon Street, in Guelph, and is moving to leased space beginning in the fall of 2022. The addition of $312,000 in annual lease costs to the College operation is a new fiscal responsibility.
  • The Council approved an increase in the per diem rate for meeting and preparation of councillors and committee members from $400 to $600. This change went into effect October 1, 2021. There has not been a per diem increase since the 1990's. This increase better appreciates a more current recognition of the time and contribution of veterinarians to the work of the College.
  • The impact of rising interest rates in Ontario and Canada for the foreseeable future. This increase directly affects all business operating expenses.

Additional Considerations

The Council does not take lightly its decision to increase its general licence fee. It greatly respects the fact that the operations of the College are supported by members' fees alone.

There has not been an increase in the licensure fees for the past five years.

A fee increase related to inflation alone over the past five years would lead to an $88 increase for a general licence.

The Council has committed to off-setting the lease expense by $100,000 annually, utilizing the investment of the proceeds of the sale of 2106 Gordon Streeet to decrease fee costs to licensed members. This commitment has been made for the next 10 years.

Share your input

Council welcomes your input on the proposed change to the College By-Laws. The consultation will be open until June 8, 2022. Please click the link below to share your feedback.


Download Draft change to the College By-Laws

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