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Consultation on draft report:

Antibiotic Use in Food Producing Animals and Opportunities for Veterinary Stewardship


Antibiotic resistance is an important animal and public health concern. There are multiple initiatives underway locally and internationally to provide leadership and education surrounding the use of antimicrobials. 

In March 2014, the College received funding to study the antibiotic prescribing patterns of veterinarians practising in food animal medicine. The aim of the project was to identify opportunities to engage veterinary stewardship and promote prudent use.

The project has been overseen by an advisory group consisting of representatives from species associations, provincial and federal governments and animal health organizations. The project has included the preparation of a background review, a survey of current practises and opinions, the hosting of a series of facilitated discussions, and crafting the report’s recommendations. Veterinarians focused in food animal medicine have been the primary contributors to the project.

The project’s final report has been drafted and is now being circulated for public comment. The College looks forward to benefiting from broader public opinion on the recommendations prior to their finalization.

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