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The College protects your right to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care. When you require the services of a veterinarian, you can expect to receive safe, quality care from a highly-trained licensed professional.

DRAFT Professional Practice Standard - Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship


At its December 2015 meeting, Council approved a draft Professional Practice Standard on the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) for circulation and consultation.

The new draft Professional Practice Standard: VCPR will replace the previous College Position Statement on the VCPR. 

The new draft Professional Practice Standard: VCPR reflects the recent revisions made to Regulation 1093, which came into effect on November 24, 2015 with respect to the establishment and maintenance of a valid VCPR. It introduces a number of practice expectations for veterinarians to ensure that they have taken appropriate steps to establish and maintain a valid VCPR. One of the more significant policy changes is the removal of the requirement for an examination or an assessment of an animal(s), or a group of animals, or herd(s) on an annual basis. This change reflects the College’s research of the literature and the position of many other veterinary regulators which demonstrate two key factors; (a) that the one year rule is not based on evidence, and (b) that the need for examination or an assessment is case and context based. Most importantly, the new language promotes and supports the veterinarian’s use of his/her professional judgment in every circumstance. 

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