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DRAFT Professional Practice Standard - Humane Animal Handling and Restraint

Background Information

At its September 2018 meeting, Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario approved the proposed draft Professional Practice Standard on Humane Handling and Restraint by veterinarians for circulation and consultation. The proposed draft Professional Practice Standard sets out practice expectations for veterinarians and provides a list of resources for support and consideration.  

As part of its three-year Animal Welfare Agenda, Council identified developing policy guidance for veterinarians on the humane handling and restraint of animals as a priority. While reports of a veterinarian mishandling an animal are rare, it is understandably very upsetting for the public to learn of such incidents. It is for that reason that Council took leadership with a policy document in this important area of the public interest.

To assist in development of this policy, Council appointed of an Advisory Group that was charged with drafting public policy to provide clarity on this topic. The Advisory Group held three meetings to discuss and debate the current educational, organizational and professional resources and approaches related to the humane handling and restraint of animals.

Following these discussions, the Advisory Group agreed a Professional Practice Standard would be speak to the higher-level requirements of all veterinarians across all species without crossing into specific, clinical expectations. The Advisory Group developed and reviewed numerous versions of the draft Professional Practice Standard. All members of the group unanimously supported the draft that was presented to Council.

Download Draft Professional Practice Standard Humane Animal Handling and Restraint

Download Report on Consultation - Humane Animal Handling and Restraint

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