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Discipline Summaries

The College oversees the professional conduct of Ontario's veterinarians.  The outcomes of discipline hearings are public information and are intended to provide a greater understanding of the veterinary profession's accountability to the public.

The College posts discipline summaries since October 1, 2012 in the Discipline Orders section. Summaries of proceedings prior to October 1, 2012 were included in the College’s quarterly newsletter, Update. All findings are noted in the Public Register which is available through the Find A Veterinarian feature on this website.

As always, a complete copy of a disciplinary decision is available by contacting the College. The College publishes summaries of discipline hearings to share information about the regulation of the veterinary profession. The outcomes of all discipline hearings are public information. These summaries are intended to provide a greater understanding of the issues surrounding professional misconduct and the veterinary profession’s accountability to the public.

What does this mean?

Definitions for the legal terminology used in the discipline process


Hearings in which the member admits to all or some of the the allegations include an agreed statement of facts and a joint submission on penalty.


A statement of facts that are negotiated and agreed to by the College and the member as true and correct. It is filed as an exhibit at the hearing.


A penalty that is proposed to the panel as an appropriate penalty by both the College and the member. In law, the Discipline Committee must accept a joint submission on penalty unless it would be contrary to the public interest and bring the administration of justice into disrepute.


The member denies the allegations. The College must prove the allegations on a balance of probabilities by calling evidence such as witnesses. If one or more of the allegations is proved, a penalty hearing is scheduled. The College and the member may jointly propose a penalty to the Committee or they may disagree and a contested penalty hearing takes place.


Professional Misconduct refers to activities which are not compliant with the Veterinarians Act, the regulations, the College By-Laws, or generally accepted standards of practice.


Costs are paid to the College to offset the College’s costs associated with conducting the hearing. A fine is a financial penalty imposed by as restitution for wrongdoing. A fine is paid to the Minister of Finance.


An appeal of a Discipline Committee’s finding is made to the Divisional Court. In an uncontested hearing, the right to appeal is usually waived due to the member pleading guilty.