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College Connection

College Connection - Winter 2018 College Connection - Winter 2018

The winter issue of College Connection includes articles on record keeping, election results, Members Forum & Annual General Meeting, policy news, the 2018 Annual Report, and antimicrobial stewardship.
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College Connection - Fall 2018 College Connection - Fall 2018

The fall issue of College Connection includes articles on building trust in your practice, the impact of the Cannabis Act on veterinary medicine, new standards related to drugs, antimicrobial stewardship, management of opioids, learning in practice, and the Members' Forum.

College Connection - Summer 2018 College Connection - Summer 2018

The summer issue of College Connection includes articles on professionalism, discipline summaries, available antimicrobial stewardship resources, practice advice and the Peer Advisory Conversation.

College Connection - Spring 2018 College Connection - Spring 2018

The spring issue of College Connection focuses on public health with articles discussing antimicrobial stewardship, management of opioids in the clinic, an update on rabies in Ontario, veterinarians involved in food safety, summary of a complaints case and recent Council news.

College Connection - Winter 2017 College Connection - Winter 2017

The winter issue of College Connection discusses professionalism, the opioid crisis, meet a peer advisor, learning in practice, practice advice and veterinary stewardship of antibiotic use.

College Connection - Fall 2017 College Connection - Fall 2017

The fall issue contains information on telemedicine, the Peer Advisory Conversation, and discipline summaries. Policy needs on antimicrobial resistance, prescribing & dispensing and the VCPR.

College Connection - August 2017 College Connection - August 2017

The summer 2017 issue includes information on ongoing consultations, civility, the animal welfare agenda, the College's podcasts, the appeals process, and guidance for resolving aftercare arrangements.

College Connection - March 2017 College Connection - March 2017 April 28, 2017

The spring 2017 issue of College Connection discusses the College's new strategic plan, antimicrobial resistance, the revised telemedicine standard, learning in practice and Council information.

College Connection - December 2016 College Connection - December 2016 December 20, 2016

The winter 2016 issue includes articles on communication, the CPD activity log, the peer advisory conversation, consultations and accreditation deficiencies.

College Connection - September 2016 College Connection - September 2016 November 03, 2016

The fall 2016 issue includes articles discussing civility, legislative reform initiatives, fentanyl, the VCPR standard, rabies vaccinations and the rabies response program, and ethical dilemmas.

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