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The College's quarterly publication was known as Update until 2014.  The Update archives include articles discussing College news and regulatory issues.

Update - December 2013 Update - December 2013 December 09, 2013

Issue contains information on new Council members, proposed By-law amendments, loss and theft of narcotics, grooming services and euthanasia.

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Update - September 2013 Update - September 2013 September 16, 2013

Issue contains information on online licence renewal, new Council members, mediated resolutions program, quality practice, the era of the global professional, the Public Register, member wellness, professional practice standards, and professional corporations.

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Update - June 2013 Update - June 2013 June 10, 2013

Issue contains information on strategic planning, licence renewal, licence types, quality practice, member wellness, facility inspection and informed consent.

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Update - March 2013 Update - March 2013 March 04, 2013

Issue contains information on professional practice standards, unauthorized practice, continuing education and member wellness.

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