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Information for Veterinary Professionals

As a licensed member, you will find helpful information in this section to assist you with making changes to your licence and managing the accreditation of a veterinary facility. You will also find information concerning professional conduct and quality practice. 

Efficiency in Record Keeping - Anesthetic Logs

The College places a strong emphasis on supporting high quality medical records. Medical records are central to safe quality veterinary medicine and provide the basis for continuity of care.

The Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario (MSVFO) outlines the medical record requirements that need to be met for a Certificate of Accreditation. During an inspection, Accreditation Inspectors ensure that the medical records kept in a facility meet these requirements.

In the MSVFO, there is a requirement for veterinary facilities to keep an anesthetic log, either alone or in combination with a surgical log. There is also  a requirement to keep an anesthetic monitoring chart. In reviewing these requirements in the MSVFO, it was determined that most of the information that is documented in the anesthetic monitoring chart is duplicated in the anesthetic/surgical logs. To address efficiency in record keeping and reduce duplication of information an alternative method to meet the anesthetic/surgical log requirements was considered.

Now, veterinary facilities can maintain the anesthetic/surgical log by compiling patient anesthetic monitoring charts in chronological order. This can be paper copies of the anesthetic monitoring charts in a binder, scanned copies in an electronic file, or electronic copies in a file that can easily be accessed and printed. A copy of the anesthetic monitoring chart should also be kept in the patient’s individual medical record. By doing this, the veterinary facility will not need to also keep a separate anesthetic/surgical log.

This is effective as of August 1, 2020.