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Information for Veterinary Professionals

As a licensed member, you will find helpful information in this section to assist you with making changes to your licence and managing the accreditation of a veterinary facility. You will also find information concerning professional conduct and quality practice. 

Your Well-being is Important

As a veterinarian, you face work stressors that are unique to your profession. The everyday challenges of meeting client expectations, working long hours, and balancing priorities outside of work can take its toll on your mental health and well-being. Your health matters and it’s important to know when and where to seek help. 

Building mental health strategies for the profession happens at all levels to provide multiple supports and resources that can be accessed by individual veterinarians, and through their employers and professional organizations.    

This page is dedicated to your health and wellbeing where you can explore resources anonymously. We strive to develop and share relevant resources and supports that are available when you need them for your personal use or to support others. 

In an emergency, call 911

Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if you or someone you know is in danger or needs immediate medical care.

Homewood Health Program

Confidential Ontario Toll-free Line: 1 866 826-4440

The College has partnered with Homewood Health to link veterinarians to resources to support their health, well-being and resilience. Veterinarians who need support are encouraged to contact Homewood Health for assistance. For any questions about this service, please contact Homewood directly or contact the College for further information. 

More information about this Project